Cognitive Studies 201
Psychology 201
Visual Studies 201

Cognitive Science in Context Laboratory
Spring 2005

Course Staff
David J. Field
246 Uris Hall 5-6393
Teaching Support Specialist
Dr. Douglas R. Elrod
203 Uris Hall 5-7898
Teaching Assistant
Thomas A. Farmer
Office hours: 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.,
TR in Uris 205
B74 Uris Hall 5-6398

Laboratory Module Authors
Driving Module Manual
Mr. Leon G. Rozenblit Yale University
Subliminal Perception Module Manual
Nicholas Epley University of Chicago
Neural Network Module Manual
Mr.Elvis Au Wind-Up Records
Dr. Whitney Tabor (Consultant) University of Connecticut
Signal Detection Module Manual
Dr. Douglas R. Elrod Cornell University
Prism Adaptation Module Manual
Dr. Douglas R. Elrod Cornell University
CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment Module Manual
Dr. Douglas R. Elrod Cornell University

Cognitive Science in Context Program Directors
Professor Bruce P. Halpern
Professor Ulric Neisser

Cornell Course Roster listing (classroom, class times), Spring 2005
[Note: The room is missing from the Course Roster listing.
The class meets in UH 205 (Room 205, Uris Hall).]

General Information for

  1. Laboratory Access
  2. Necessary Equipment to Purchase
  3. General Course Writing Requirements
  4. Grading
    Grade Weighting
    Discussion 10%
    Canned experiment reports 16%
    Phase II Projects 32%
    Prelim. exam 12%
    Advanced Project 30%

The Cognitive Studies 201 Electronic Mailing List

SUBSCRIBING TO THE MAILING LIST AND SUBMITTING COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS ARE REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURSE. The mailing list will distribute submissions to all subscribed students and to the course staff. Course staff will from time to time submit comments and other materials to the mailing list. SUBSCRIPTION PROCEDURE: To subscribe to CogStudInContextLab201-L send the following command string via electronic mail to
subscribe firstname lastname
(where "firstname" is your first name and "lastname" is your last name).


  1. The mailing list name must be entered EXACTLY as shown, that is
    1. No blank spaces within the name.
    2. The C in Cog, the S in Stud, the I in In, the C in Context, the L in Lab, and the final L, are capitalized, while all other letters are lower case.
    3. There must be a dash - between the 1 or 201 and the final L of the mailing list, that is, 1-L
    4. The easiest way to avoid errors in the mailing list name is to copy the entire subscription command string, as given above, paste it into the body of an email message addressed to and replace firstname lastname in the command string with your first name and last name. There should be NO text in your message before the beginning of the command string.
  2. Your name should be entered as it appears on the Cornell electronic mail system. That is most typically your 'formal' first name and your last name. If you are unsure how your name appears, use Electronic Directory from the Bear Access Launch Pad or Directory Services (Special pull-down menu) from Eudora, to check. Enter your last name, or first and last names, and click on the Ph button, or your NetID (e.g., xyz99) and click on Finger. When you enter your first and last name into the command string to send to do NOT include middle initials.
  3. If you have a problem subscribing, contact the listproc Manager at